Keeping Active

  • MoMBA

    As I journey through this life change called retirement it would be beneficial if I can remember that doing is sometimes harder than just wanting to accomplish a feat. I learned this lesson within two minutes on the MoMBA trails when my skill level and coordination didn’t cooperate with the technical ability necessary to negotiate […]

  • MoMBA

    Once again I am leaving the beautiful weather of Southern California for the serenity that a spring in South Haven brings. Some have asked why Michigan? My answer is why not? Plus, I scored airline tickets from United for $53.00 round trip from LAX to ORD. Courtesy of the Marines I departed the Great Lakes state almost 40 […]

  • Time to Play

    When you retire from an employer you leave behind a group of co-workers that you have known for many years. The solitude started to drive me crazy after a few months. Embracing the retirement community you are in will help you get over the loss of camaraderie that you had with your co-workers. If you […]