• unexpected challenges

    Enjoy life to the fullest

    So much has been going on since I have taken the time to post here. I sincerely apologize and will try and catch up. If anything, life has taught me that regardless of all the planning I did getting ready for retirement, there will always be unexpected challenges I must confront—an illness of loved ones, […]

  • Disenchantment, Goodbye Stage Three

    Almost a year has passed since I have taken the time to blog and so much has happened. I have traveled between Michigan and California a few times and being fortunate enough to visit with family along the way. When I am hanging out in Michigan you will find me on a river kayaking, riding […]

  • MoMBA

    As I journey through this life change called retirement it would be beneficial if I can remember that doing is sometimes harder than just wanting to accomplish a feat. I learned this lesson within two minutes on the MoMBA trails when my skill level and coordination didn’t cooperate with the technical ability necessary to negotiate […]

  • Retirement Benefits and Discounts @ 50

    Last week my wife, son and I went to lunch at a local Sizzler and as we were paying for our meal my wife chuckled as she noticed that the cashier gave me the senior discount. My first reaction was to inform the lady that I am not a senior and I was offended but […]

  • The 7 Stages of Retirement or is it 6?

    Unbeknownst to myself, the day I started working I entered into the first stage of retirement, which is a bold statement. In 1975 a professor of gerontology named Robert Atchley identified seven stages of retirement and throughout time academia has reduced the stages to 6. Pre-retirement The first state is known as Pre-retirement “the planning […]