It feels like yesterday

Another year has passed since I have added a post to this blog and after taking a look at the last post it seems to be a theme for me. Isn’t it crazy how much has changed this past year? Family moving, kids graduating, babies born, sisters found, new jobs, illness, retirement’s, marriages and sadly family and friends we have lost.

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As we move through life we have obstacles that we must deal with and retirement doesn’t make you immune from these challenges. The trick is to put you in a position to have resources available to deal with it. Be it financial stability, insurance, family or an emergency plan. This past October we found ourselves in a potential problem due to family illness and decided to relocate and move to Western Michigan from Southern California. It was always a plan to make the move but we pulled the trigger about 6 years early.

We are very fortunate that everything is working out and I feel like it’s OK for me to get back to exploring Michigan. The family is transitioning well and our family member is slowly recovering but has a outstanding prognosis.

When I was younger and started working in Southern California, I was lucky to find myself represented by the IBT (International Brotherhood of Teamsters). These are the men and women that showed me how important it is to plan for your retirement. It is never too late to start your planning and for my young readers the time is now.

Plan for Retirement

When we think of retirement most of my peers have zero savings and will rely on Social Security and in most cases will be living under the poverty level. The experts say Social Security will be broke in 8 years, just about when I will be eligible to receive it. Those of you that have planned and have had the means to invest don’t plan on seeing any Social Security. If it’s there then great, consider that a bonus. Personally I hope that we will see a return on our money but I am not banking on it.

I believe before you even think of how and where you invest your money, you should be thinking about your health and understanding that by taking care of yourself, you will enhance your retirement. Unfortunately a few of my co-workers have passes and never really got to enjoy their retirement. Yes, some had no choice and passed from natural causes but some created a toxic lifestyle and paid the ultimate price.

When planning at what age and where you want to call home also think of reducing as much stress as possible. I understand we all are different and have unique stress triggers. Try and figure out what yours are and eliminate as many as possible.

If you have any medical procedures necessary, make sure you take care of them while you are eligible for disability or Workers’ compensation. I believe you are eligible for disability up to 8 years after you last work and of course provided that your employer paid into the system. Check with your local office to make sure.

Create an account at MySSA and monitor your data.

I know what worked for me might not be the best path for you but that’s not the point for this post. The point is to get you thinking about what will work for you. It is important and you are never too young to start. While you do that, I am getting ready for a trip up north. It will be my first time backpacking and I’m stoked!