• MoMBA

    As I journey through this life change called retirement it would be beneficial if I can remember that doing is sometimes harder than just wanting to accomplish a feat. I learned this lesson within two minutes on the MoMBA trails when my skill level and coordination didn’t cooperate with the technical ability necessary to negotiate […]

  • MoMBA

    Once again I am leaving the beautiful weather of Southern California for the serenity that a spring in South Haven brings. Some have asked why Michigan? My answer is why not? Plus, I scored airline tickets from United for $53.00 round trip from LAX to ORD. Courtesy of the Marines I departed the Great Lakes state almost 40 […]

  • Family Trust

    Protecting your ass-ets

    Tragedy can strike at any time and no family is immune. We have worked most of our lives preparing for retirement and in the process have created an estate (mine, be it modest) that can be vulnerable if you die or become disabled (incapacitated). Do you know what will happen to your family assets when […]