• Family Trust

    Protecting your ass-ets

    Tragedy can strike at any time and no family is immune. We have worked most of our lives preparing for retirement and in the process have created an estate (mine, be it modest) that can be vulnerable if you die or become disabled (incapacitated). Do you know what will happen to your family assets when […]

  • Retirement Benefits and Discounts @ 50

    Last week my wife, son and I went to lunch at a local Sizzler and as we were paying for our meal my wife chuckled as she noticed that the cashier gave me the senior discount. My first reaction was to inform the lady that I am not a senior and I was offended but […]

  • Time to Play

    When you retire from an employer you leave behind a group of co-workers that you have known for many years. The solitude started to drive me crazy after a few months. Embracing the retirement community you are in will help you get over the loss of camaraderie that you had with your co-workers. If you […]