Retirement Benefits and Discounts @ 50

Last week my wife, son and I went to lunch at a local Sizzler and as we were paying for our meal my wife chuckled as she noticed that the cashier gave me the senior discount. My first reaction was to inform the lady that I am not a senior and I was offended but quickly realized that it was a show of respect and maybe I don’t look as young as I thought.

Usually the senior discounts start at the age of 60 as it does with Sizzler and their 15% price break is actually great; if anything it pays for the tip. You can find a few companies that offer discounts starting at age 55. Most establishments will automatically give you the discount but don’t make the mistake I have been making and ask if they offer a discount.

Once I got over the physiological aspect of being classified as a senior and being under the 60 year threshold I finally decided to join AARP. This is not an advertisement for AARP by any means but at age 50 you can join and will find a lot of resources that can help you find discounts and services that may help you.

Just keep in mind to be vigilant understanding that everything you see affiliated with AARP or any other organization isn’t always the best option for you. Take the time to research; I find that the easiest way is just to type your question in google search or one of the other online search engines. If you still have question or need help ask a family member or visit your local senior center and they will be happy to assist you.