Time to Play

Stimulating Mind and Body

When you retire from an employer you leave behind a group of co-workers that you have known for many years. The solitude started to drive me crazy after a few months.

Embracing the retirement community you are in will help you get over the loss of camaraderie that you had with your co-workers. If you are struggling to enjoy your retirement; who better to help you than a whole community that has or is experiencing your struggles? I have found that almost every activity I have started has a community of retirees ready to share their knowledge with you.

I will be visiting Western Michigan this coming summer and will be busy kayaking on Lake Michigan and the rivers, riding down the various trails in the lower and Upper Peninsula and visiting Momba in Dayton. I have found great organizations both online and through the local vendors that will help me navigate the areas and keep me safe. I find that instructors who are close to my age understand my limitations over a younger instructor and know the best groups for seniors.

I will be sure to get some great shots and will start a gallery when I get the content.